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Swap4.me™ introduces its new Escrow service

As response to market needs, we introduce you the new ESCROW buying & selling crypto coins and tokens service without registration.

Here you will be able to buy & sell CRYPTOS with FIAT money wherever you are, thus providing a powerful entrance ramp to the crypto world for different communities without this opportunity until today.

We adapt to new trends in Swap4.me™, and we want this market to be as dynamic and practical as possible, you will need to use only this Swap4.me™ Escrow service on Telegram within our dedicated group.

Authorized channel: TELEGRAM

ESCROW Swap4.meNew

In Swap4.me™ we adapt to new trends, we want this market to be as dynamic and practical as possible, so you can only use the Escrow service of Swap4.me™ in Telegram, there will be our dedicated group.

The Middleman or Intermediarios
They are the persons authorized by Swap4.me™ to be the intermediaries of the users’ purchase/sale operations.

Enter our group in Telegram, where you must have an alias associated to your Telegram account to stay in it, place your offer and wait for the person interested in your offer, contact an Authorized Dealer, and start the exchange.

1. Join the group

Join our group on Telegram,
you must have an alias associated with
your Telegram account

2. Make an Offer

Publish your offer in the group
or request an exchange
of: I have so much of… for…

3. Buyer

A person from the community
will opt for your offer, or you can invite
the group to the person with whom
you want to make the transaction
with our escrow service.

4. Request an Middleman

The buyer or seller can
request an INTERMEDIATE to
start the operation.

5. Oparation

Follow the steps that the
INTERMEDIATE will indicate and
the operation will be initiated

6. Final

You get the exchange from you
offer and give us a reference
of your experience in the group.



CEO - Middleman



CEO - Middlewoman



CEO - Middleman


No member of SWAP4.ME™ or Authorized Dealer will write or contact you first, it is you who must initiate the conversation in Telegram to carry out the operation.

If someone contacts you and that person writes to you first for some kind of purchase or sale, it is a fraudster, which you must report with evidence in our official group.

SWAP4.ME™ is not responsible if you make any kind of transaction with unauthorized persons, scammers or clones in Telegram.

SWAP4.ME™ will charge between 2 and 6% (the percentage varies according to the amount) per operation performed and the costs of the fees associated with the sending of the coins are derived from the amounts received and sent.

SWAP4.ME™ reserves the right of admission to the exchange group in Telegram.

The ESCROW is an exclusive product of SWAP4.ME™

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